Pastures and crops (Summer management)

Learn how to manage soils, fertiliser, pasture and crops to maximise pasture & crop eaten on-farm and improve farm performance. This is one of four modules of the New Zealand Certificate in Agriculture – Level 4 (Dairy).

What is this course about?

An in-depth look into:

  • Pasture renewal
  • Management of crops and grass
  • Caring for the soil
  • Soil nutrients and fertiliser
  • Environmental management
  • Feed demand, supply and feed budgeting.

Understand how dairying can affect the environment and know management strategies you can implement to minimise any negative impact.

What does the course look like?

This course has:

  • Bite-sized chunks of learning
  • Small classes to aid engagement and learning from others
  • Written assessments and some one-to-one assessment with your tutors.
Who is this course for?

Suitable for those with some experience and who are working towards manager level. Graduates of this course should be ready to move into a farm manager position.

What qualification does it lead to?

This module can be done as a standalone module or as part of NZ Certificate in Agriculture – Level 4 (Dairy).

Interested in this course?

I really wanted the knowledge because we’re considering contract milking next year, our second year in the industry.”

Level 4 graduate

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